Student Repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of Physics & Meteo­ro­lo­gy

About Us

The student repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of Physics & Meteo­ro­lo­gy (FaRaPhy) are the elected repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the students of the facul­ties Physics and Meteo­ro­lo­gy. We repre­sent our students in the commit­tees of the facul­ty and student body of the Univer­si­ty of Leipzig and are avail­ab­le in areas of student life. In additi­on to commit­tee work, we also provi­de study advice for students of physics, meteo­ro­lo­gy, the IPSP (Inter­na­tio­nal Physics Studies Program) and the physics teaching profes­si­on. In additi­on, we support our approx. 1000 students with problems during their studies. Be it from the denied admis­si­on to exams to the (re)design of entire study courses.

With semes­ter opening parties, the freshers trip, the summer festi­val and sporting activi­ties, we regular­ly offer our students small distrac­tions from every­day study life. At present we are seven elected members, who usual­ly come together once a week for our meeting. Here these are suppor­ted by further volun­ta­ry members. All interes­ted parties are cordi­al­ly invited to parti­ci­pa­te.

We are all students of the above mentio­ned courses oursel­ves and there­fo­re often famili­ar with the problems that arise. As part of our volun­ta­ry commit­ment, we are also happy to pass on our experi­ence to other students.

Dismant­ling summer festi­val 2016