Student Repres­ent­at­ives of Physics & Meteorology

About Us

The student repres­ent­at­ives of Physics & Meteor­o­logy (FaRaPhy) are the elected repres­ent­at­ives of the students of the study areas Physics and Meteor­o­logy. We repres­ent our students in the commit­tees of the faculty and the student body of the Univer­sity and are engaged in areas of student life. In addition to commit­tee work, we also provide study advice for students of physics, meteor­o­logy, IPSP (Inter­na­tion­al Physics Studies Program) and physics teach­ing profes­sion. In addition, we support our approx. 1000 students with problems during their studies. Be it from the denied admis­sion to exams to the (re)design of entire study courses.

With the semester opening party (SAP), the fresh­ers’ week, the third semester trip and more, we regularly offer our students small distrac­tions from the daily routine of study­ing. Currently we are nine elected members, who usually come togeth­er once a week for our meeting. These are suppor­ted by further volun­tary members. Every­one who is inter­ested is invited to participate.

We are students of the above mentioned study areas and there­fore famil­i­ar with the problems that can arise. As part of our volun­tary commit­ment, we are happy to pass on our exper­i­ence to other students.

Disas­sembly summer festiv­al 2016