You can find the WIFI network eduroam at many places in the city. The Univer­si­ty of Leipzig is part of a global et of educa­ti­on insti­tu­ti­ons that provi­de this service. Use your Univer­si­ty Login to connect with the network. If you travel to other cities or countries, you can use eduroam as usual there. The Setup can be a bit tricky at the begin­ning becau­se eduroam is built to provi­de a high level of securi­ty. You can find a helpdesk in the second floor of the Augus­te­um.

useful websites: WIFI, VPN


The Univer­si­tys compu­ting centre (URZ) does not only provi­de thousands of books, but makes also a lot of software for free use avail­ab­le. No matters if you need office or adobe – go to, to see, if the URZ has just the right IT-soluti­ons for your project.

useful websites: Software for scien­tists (VPN only), Micro­soft Office, Software­por­tal


The Univer­si­tiys compu­ting centre provi­des compu­ter working stati­ons in central PC pools. Windows compu­ter as well as very modern iMacs for graphi­cal appli­ca­ti­ons can be used by the students at the ground floor and the second floor in the Augus­te­um. That is also where the printers, scanners and compu­ters with video, image and text editing programs are located. In contra­ry to the PC pools you don’t need your Univer­si­ty Login for the working stati­ons at ground floor of our physics depart­ment, but a special login provi­ded by the admin.

useful websites: PC-Pools