Student repres­ent­at­ives of Physics & meteorology


Last update: October 2023


Hannah Dichelle

E-mail: hannah[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hi, I'm Hannah and I've been study­ing physics since 2021. I got involved in the FaRaPhy as a fresh­er and have been trapped here ever since (it's fun tho). I'm involved in the organ­isa­tion of events such as the Semester Opening Party and Kubb-Cup.


Marco Becker

E-mail: marco[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hello, my name is Marco. Since fall term 2022/23, I’m study­ing physics at the Univer­sity Leipzig and I became member of the FSR. Apart from my studies, I enjoy playing board games. Anoth­er passion is playing saxophone. If you have any problems don’t hesit­ate to talk to me or write me an e-mail. 


Julius Franze

E-mail: julius[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hey, my name ist Julius, and I have been study­ing Physics since the Wintersemester 21/22. If you have any questions regard­ing physics or the univer­sity, feel free to approach me on campus!


Otto Hähndel

E-mail: otto[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hi, I'm Otto and I've been study­ing physics since 2022. Since then I am also in the student council. I am a reason­ably inter­ested chess player and also like to play other board games.


Bennet Awißus

E-mail: bennet[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Moin, I study Bc. Physics since 22/23 and I am the sustain­ab­il­ity contact in the FSR. In the first semester I found this circle of sympath­et­ic and helpful people who make up the student repres­ent­at­ives. Give me a wave if we ever run into each other in the club. ^^ For any concerns we are happy to help you.


Devin Ganegoda

E-mail: devin[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hi, I am Devin and I have been study­ing Physics (IPSP) since Winter 2021. I am currently in charge of design­ing the Toilet Paper of the student repres­ent­at­ives every month. Besides, I am an Opera singer (not a pro yet) and a classic­al carnat­ic music vocal­ist, so I spend my time practi­cing music.

Jonas U

Jonas Urban

E-mail: jonas-ur[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hey, I'm Jonas and I have been study­ing meteor­o­logy since 2020.
In my free time I like to travel, do sports and meet with friends. Besides meteor­o­logy I'm also inter­ested in econom­ic topics.
I have been involved in the FSR since 2021.


Moritz Enß

E-mail: moritz[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hej, I’m Moritz and I’m study­ing Physics since the winter semester of 2022. I stumbled into our beloved Faraphy through the Fresh­er­sweek and am happy to parti­cip­ate in our univer­sity polit­ics up close. In my spare time I practice playing the clari­net, like to play board games and do some garden­ing. If you have any problems I’ll always have a sympath­et­ic ear :).


Oliver Ecker­mann

E-mail: oliver[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hei hei, I am Oliver. I study Meteor­o­logy in my third semester and have been in the student repres­ent­at­ives since my second semester, in 2019. Since I was first elected, I have been respons­ible for finances for four years. I like doing cycling tours, singing in a choir and I am polit­ic­ally active.


Binxu Fang

E-mail: binxu[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hey there, I’m Binxu - since 2021 I’ve been study­ing meteor­o­logy and been involved in FaRaPhy. Besides my studies, I like to travel, meet up with old friends and teach­ers from school and play the piano. I’m also a simulat­or pilot; I have an interest in aviation.


Marek Weßels

E-mail: marek[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hello, I am Marek and have been study­ing B.Sc. physics since 2020. I have been a member of the FSR since 2021 and sometimes I take on a task here and there. Outside of my studies I like to do sports or to spend sunny days in the parks or lakes of Leipzig.


Nelly Pomni­tz

E-mail: nelly[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hi! I have been study­ing meteor­o­logy here in Leipzig since winter semester 18/19. From the begin­ning of my studies I was active in the student council. Since my second year of study I am also active as an elected member and two years as a spokes­per­son. Now I support the FSR mainly in the commit­tee work.


Teo Kutner

E-mail: teo[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hello! I'm Teo and have been study­ing Physics in the IPSP since 2021. I help to organ­ize the English student repres­ent­at­ive meetings. Since January 2023, I am also a Refer­ent für ausländis­che Studi­er­ende at the university's central student union, helping inter­na­tion­al students from all faculties 🙂


Tom-Lukas Lübbeke

E-mail: tom[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hey, I am Tom and I am study­ing in the IPSP. I organ­ize the English student repres­ent­at­ive meetings and repres­ent student interests on boards of our faculty. In my free time I like to go to the park with friends.


Dhruv Wadhwani

E-mail: dhruv[a]
Intro­duc­tion: Hey there! I am Dhruv and I have been study­ing in the B.Sc. IPSP since Winter Semester 21/22. I have also been a member of the student repres­ent­at­ives since then. Outside of my studies, I like to play the guitar and make music. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions or problems.

Former Members

Max Tröger

  • Study program: B.Sc. Physics
  • Active time: SoSe 2021 – WiSe 2023/24

Matthi­as Heinrich

  • Study program: B.Sc. Physics
  • Active time: SoSe 2021 – SoSe 2023

Chris­toph­er Walter

  • Study program: B.Sc. and M.Sc. Physics
  • Active time: WiSe 2015 – SoSe 2023

Marie Nisse

  • Study program: Physics Teach­ing Program
  • Active time: N/A – SoSe 2023

Kaya Parch­witz

  • Study program: B.Sc. Physics

Sandra Montag

  • Study program: B.Sc. and M.Sc. IPSP
  • Active time: N/A – January 2023

Jonas Gleich­mann

  • Study program: Physics Teach­ing Program
  • Active time: May 2020 – Septem­ber 2022