Who we are, what we do - and why you should parti­ci­pa­te.

The Student Repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of Physics and Meteo­ro­lo­gy are the elected repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the students of our facul­ty. What does that mean? We are part of the commit­tees that official­ly organi­ze the studies. We organi­se events to bring the students together. We support third-party projects finan­cial­ly. We help students with problems during their studies. And we would be happy if you would like to become part of this exciting work.


The Saxon Law on Univer­si­ty “Freedom“ stipu­la­tes that students may parti­ci­pa­te democra­ti­cal­ly in the organi­sa­tio­nal proces­ses of their univer­si­ty. In concre­te terms, this means that members of FaRaPhy parti­ci­pa­te and vote in univer­si­ty and facul­ty commit­tees.


In order to contri­bu­te to a varied student life at the facul­ty and the univer­si­ty, we also organi­ze various events every year.


Whether it’s student advice or problems with profes­sors or exams, you can come to us with any questi­on. We are all students like you and know our facul­ty very well.
Campus Augus­tus­platz Foto: Swen Reich­hold / Univer­si­tät Leipzig

Office hours

On Mondays at 4 pm we offer an online office hour. Come by with your questi­ons and problems and benefit from our experi­ence.


In our weekly meeting (Monday at 5 pm) we discuss the latest develo­p­ments at the facul­ty. We plan events, take care of students’ problems, write e-mails to lectu­rers and discuss how to impro­ve the study program­mes.

Our meetings and office hours are held via Discord (discord.gg/BfjfHJe). Discord can be used without/with regis­tra­ti­on via browser or app.

You want to parti­ci­pa­te?

All students have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to discuss in meetings, help with events and parti­ci­pa­te in commit­tees. So if you are new to the facul­ty or you have ideas for a better study, you should come and visit us.

Starting your studies

Are you consi­de­ring study­ing physics or meteo­ro­lo­gy? Then you are in the right place.

On our website you will find a lot of helpful infor­ma­ti­on. Or just ask us your questi­ons perso­nal­ly.

Semes­ter abroad

A study abroad is usual­ly a great perso­nal enrich­ment, becau­se you get to know people from many other nations and cultures, impro­ve your language skills and experi­ence a diffe­rent educa­tio­nal system. However, in order to ensure that study­ing abroad is a success and does not lead to unnecessa­ry delays in your studies, there are a number of things that need to be taken into account in advan­ce.

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