First Semester

Nothing is better than finding out what holds the world togeth­er at its core. No matter for what reason you decided to study physics – you have certainly chosen an infin­itely excit­ing study.

But of course you start with the basics in the first semesters, and patience is required. In the first 3 semesters you will build up your maths basics. In exper­i­ment­al physics you will start with classic­al mechan­ics and thermo­dy­nam­ics and in the lab course you will do your first exper­i­ments yourself.

Especially at the begin­ning of your studies you will be challenged by the amount of work. But exactly then it means not to lose courage. For each module you will have to perform so-called required pre-exam achieve­ments, which are presen­ted in the form of exercises. By the end of the semester, you must have success­fully completed 50% of the tasks in order to be admit­ted to the examin­a­tion. This often requires a period of getting used to. So it is helpful to prepare and follow up lectures. Especially if you get togeth­er in small groups and have the right liter­at­ure at hand (it is worth­while to borrow the special­ist liter­at­ure that the profess­or recom­mends from our library! ), the whole thing is defin­itely feasible.

You should also be encour­aged to contact your profess­ors or tutors in case of problems, by e-mail or especially during office hours, because these are exactly there for you! Not least, older students who have struggled with the same problems at the begin­ning will help you as much as possible. The Aula is a popular place to work on exercises. So have a look!

Recom­men­ded Books


Exper­i­ment­al Physics: Halli­day: Funda­ment­als of Physics 

Labor­at­ory Course: Schenk, Kremer: Physikalisches Praktikum